How to enjoy a big day of singing!

At Voices of Birralee, our choristers are often involved in events which require a big day of rehearsing. One of these days can include lots of singing, or lots of waiting for your moment. Either way, it's important to know how to best be prepared for both, with the ultimate goals being to keep happy... Continue Reading →

Exploring dialects through music

Voices of Birralee is getting ready to fulfil its exciting end of year commitments with a number of events including performing in the Brisbane Lord Mayor's Christmas Carols and QPAC's Spirit of Christmas. Another exciting opportunity is coming up for 45 of our Birralee Singers and BBV who will perform as the Children's Chorus in... Continue Reading →

Birralee Repertoire – The Selection Process

Since Voices of Birralee began in 1995, we have focused on teaching the most age appropriate music to our choristers, to nurture their musical development, engage them, while promoting healthy singing. For both our new choristers and those who have sung with us for a number of years, we thought this blog would be great to discuss the... Continue Reading →

Celebrating our children’s choirs!

Since Voices of Birralee began, it has pursued the goal of providing children and young adults with rewarding singing experiences both onstage and beyond the concert hall. Over the years, more than 2,000 people have benefited from the joy of singing with Birralee, and this includes the huge number of young children who have found their voices in... Continue Reading →

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