Post 10 – Singing for our Anzacs

It has been an incredible week for our Anzac Day Commemoration Choir choristers, along with the management team and accompanying people. On Monday, our choristers were given a rest day from rehearsals and snuck into the stunning Amiens Cathedral for a sneaky sing to test out the impressive acoustics, before heading on a battlefield tour,... Continue Reading →

Post 9: A full day of rehearsals as we get closer

Sunday was another day of rehearsals for our choristers at the Australian National Memorial, Villers-Bretonneux. Conductor Jenny Moon said the choristers are singing very well, but the significance of the occasion has well and truly set in. Our choristers are having a well deserved break from rehearsals today (Monday) prior to Tuesday. Chorister, Lauren Woolrych: "I... Continue Reading →

Post 7: Arriving to ANM, Villers-Bretonneux

A lot has happened since our Anzac Day Commemoration Choir met up last Friday in Paris! And yesterday our choir had another busy day of rehearsals, beginning with the Australian Army Band in Amiens, before heading for the Australian National Memorial, Villers-Bretonneux. The photos below were taken at 10.30am...and as you can see our choristers... Continue Reading →

Post 6: The Digger Memorial and Vignacourt hospitality

  Two incredible experiences were packed into Thursday for our choristers. Enjoying some down time in the morning to check out the town of Amiens, the Anzac Day Commemoration Choir then attended the first of the official rehearsals, this time at the Digger Memorial, Bullecourt.   The Digger Memorial commemorates the lives lost in WW1, while honouring the bravery... Continue Reading →

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