2: WA is alive with the sound of Birralee


Monday morning was spent eating a plethora of leftovers from our time spent in the Wellington Cottages for breakfast – some enjoyed rice, different spreads on toast or corn chips with salsa! Packing up to leave, we began the bus to our next journey, passing luscious green rolling hills, fields full of black and white cows, and even a meandering emu! IMG_3166

Our destination was the Lane Pool Park Tree-Top Experience, where we had the awesome opportunity to climb a high ropes course! Getting suited up in the harnesses, fastening helmets and learning how to use the clips properly built the Singers’ excitement! Starting at ‘Home Tree’, there were eight different courses for them to try, ranging in difficulty and length! We can confirm there were many cheers and hollers of glee as the Singers’ flew around on the flying fox!

We left just after 1pm, and made a pit stop at a roadhouse where we all converged on the McDonalds counter – and a frenzy to collect the Monopoly stickers ensued! With fuller bellies, we arrived in Perth itself, at the Montclare apartments! With fresh linen, central heating and kitchen facilities, the Birralee team settled in happily for the night. Together, each apartment cooked a hearty feed of spaghetti bolognese and garlic bread!

Tuesday saw the Singers enjoying their first sleep-in of the tour! A later start led to a cooked breakfast of bacon, eggs, croissants, cheese and tea – what a treat! We left around 10:00am to Trinity College, a boys’ school a short walk away through a lovely park. The choristers rehearsed for an hour, and were introduced to some of the lovely staff including Ann Clarke, and then had a delicious morning tea provided by the school!

The Singers then combined with a Grade 4 music class to facilitate a workshop! This proved to be a lot of fun! Our talented accompanist Justine – who is also a great music teacher and conductor – taught us all two fun games with movement and partner work! The Trinity boys especially loved ‘The Grand Old Duke Of York’! Then the Singers Senior Music Assistant Joshua Clifford took over, and guided the boys through one of their pieces – ‘Drunken Sailor’! Together, Joshua led the Singers and Trinity College through this fun and interesting piece! The Singers loved getting to sing with the friendly Trinity boys in this session!


Walking through the park back to Montclare apartments for some downtime, each group separated and enjoyed some afternoon snacks and changed into our formal performance uniforms. Leaving at 3pm, we bussed to Floreat Uniting Church where we met with Katy, Perry, and the incredible West Australia Young Voices! These young musicians worked with us to prepare the massed canon “Be Like The Bird”, and collaborated further with them in singing “Come To My Garden” and “The Sound Of Our Home”!


After a dinner of Subway, a golden hour photo shoot, and a fun physical game outside, our evening concert with WAYV began. Our host ensemble delighted us with their gorgeous blend and musicality, especially in Todd McNeals “How To Get There” and Elena Kats-Chernin’s “Butterflying”! The Birralee Singers were warmly welcomed, and highlights of our set included an invigorating “Clear Water” and the energetically choreographed “Wau Bulan”! Closing the set with our massed repertoire, we had a wonderful time performing with such an enthusiastic and talented group! Thank you WAYV!


Our night concluded with some treats in our apartment rooms, including fruit salads, apple pie, ice cream and Krispy Kremes! Tune in next time for our last blog!

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Written by: Joshua Clifford and Ally Dunk

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