Why I love conducting the Birralee Piccolos

Written by Voices of Birralee conductor of the Birralee Piccolos, Debbie Daley

The Piccolos, who are Prep and Year 1 children have a natural affinity with music whether they realise it or not.

As a choir conductor, I have the opportunity to explore the world of music with the children using their voices – the spontaneity and imagination that the Piccolos bring to their music is a true delight.

The children first find they have two voices, a speaking voice and a singing voice. After finding their singing voice they then learn to match pitch. Children at this age are fabulous mimics, and by demonstrating good techniques, I really enjoy seeing them embrace the way I sing to match theirs.

The Piccolos find it easy to memorise words as it comes naturally, and telling a story is something that young children do really well, especially if there’s a “fun” character or persona they can identify with.

I love finding music that has something new for the children to experience whether it be a musical challenge to expand their world as they know it. Every week I love using singing and listening games to start to lay the foundations for the techniques that they need in order to be able to sing choral repertoire in the future.

I have worked with treble voice choirs for over 30 years and I have to say I love the honesty, enthusiasm and inquisitive nature of this age group, who are always surprising me with animated conversation or choral challenges of all sorts.

To be a part of these children’s first choral journey is truly a joy and an honour.

Find out more on the Birralee Piccolos here.

Debbie Daley, Conductor – Birralee Piccolos

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