8.Welcome to Opatija!

Friday April 12

A cold, wet morning in Zagreb greeted Voices of Birralee on the choristers’ final day in Croatia’s capital.

BBV bid farewell to their kind and welcoming billets, who had hosted us so graciously and helped fill our hearts with incredible memories!

The Birralee Blokes also packed up and left the hostel they were staying in, and boarded the bus to continue to our next destination – Opatija!

Many took the long bus trip to catch up on some much needed sleep and rest. We did have one quick stop where Ruth Moores and Ally Dunk had a very tasty hot chocolate though!

Choristers read, listened to music or audiobooks, or played quiet card games on our journey to re-store energy.

We arrived in Opatija and stored our belongings in our accommodation – the Kristal Hotel.

With an afternoon of free time in this coastal town, many went searching for some food. We discovered the love this town has for seafood; marinara, oysters, fish-based meals and crustacean delicacies which were heartily eaten for lunch.

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Due to the inclement weather and chilly temperatures, some choristers also visited a few cafes to find a warm hot chocolate.


As the afternoon passed, Voices of Birralee congregated at the hotel once more, now fully dressed in attire appropriate for the the Welcome Assembly concert for the “We Are Singing” Adriatic Festival.


Each choir had the opportunity to sing one piece, and we were thrilled to hear some incredible ensembles from Brussels, Italy, Hungary and the UK.

Of course, BBV and the Birralee Blokes performed incredibly well too for the fellow Festival ensembles.

Following the concert, we had a few minutes to mingle with the members from each choir – many of the choristers caught up with Valentin’s choir who had hosted us in Graz!!!

Finally, we returned to our seaside hotel for a delicious buffet dinner.

A host of international cuisine styles were on offer and all the singers thoroughly enjoyed this warm meal after a cold day out and about in Opatija.

Tomorrow the Festival starts in full – stay tuned!!

We invite you to keep following our journey of this epic Europe tour!

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  1. Love all the news about the tour. An incredible experience for so many talented young people, and also for the adults and parents who are accompanying them


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