Day 8 – Rehearsals continue & the realisation sets in

On Sunday our choristers had their second rehearsal at the Australian National Memorial (ANM) for Wednesday’s service.

Oh and while you’re reading, please make a note to tune into the ABC at 1.30pm this Wednesday for the broadcast of the Anzac Day and Villers-Bretonneux Centenary Commemoration. 

The view from the Australian National Memorial tower, Villers-Bretonneux (pic by Tilly)

Being back at the ANM, it was amazing for the choristers to see how everything will fit together, with all elements of the service running like a well-oiled machine to make the commemoration effective and respectful in remembering this time in our history.

The realisation of what the choristers are here to do is setting in.

“From my seat in the choir today, I looked out over ANM and could see a clear blue sky, the Australian flag flying high next to the French and a group of Australians coming together to create something special and memorable. It makes me proud to be an Australian and blessed to be able to honour our servicemen and women in a place as beautiful as our host country, France,” chorister Kate Holley said.



In an extra special moment, the choristers got to climb the memorial’s tower for an impressive view which allowed them to imagine the sort of strategy behind how Australian might have pushed back on the German spring offensive 100 years ago.

The rising sun, but from another perspective, inside the ANM tower (pic by Kerry)

After rehearsals and lunch on site, which allowed the choristers a chance to meet lots of people, including some from the band, the group had the afternoon off, with some choosing to wash clothes, collect essential snacks or have a nap.

Dinner was shared at a restaurant on the canal in central Amiens, just as the choristers began to notice the change in weather. This seemed to herald the end to a week of beautiful Spring sunshine, with cooler weather now expected as we get closer to Anzac Day.

Today (Monday) our choristers will participate in another rehearsal at ANM, with the evening spent in Villers-Bretonneux, performing a concert to the locals.

We look forward to bringing you more news soon, but in the meantime, we’ve shared some clips below from earlier in the tour. This includes Fields of Allonville (words Joshua Clifford and music Joe Twist), performed in Allonville.

The second piece is After the War (Paul Gross & David Keele, arr. Mark Sirett), performed in Vignacourt and shared by Intercultural Consulting Group -travel leisure education.

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  1. Congratulations! Each time we can’t wait for the update to hear your latest adventures and the magical sounds of the beautiful voices of the choristers. We are extremely proud of you VoB and it is obvious the local French community appreciates your artistry and talents and performances.


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