The Birralee Singers – exploring Hobart & sharing beautiful music

Contributed by Joshua Clifford 

26 September – Day Four

Our day started with the usual breakfast in cabins and the dining hall and was followed with free time, where myself and some boys discovered a Bush Church! After our morning debrief and rehearsal, our coach drove us into the Town Hall area of Hobart, where chilly winds were juxtaposed against soaring blue skies.

Our rehearsal in the Hobart Town Hall went very well, with the Singers’ voices filling the space.

The Birralee Singers at Hobart Town Hall (Pic by Lou Wall)

After this we all got a chance to split up and explore some more of Hobart and find some food. Supervisors Codie, Ally, myself and our group of kids went to a small restaurant on the river front called ‘Mures’ to enjoy some fresh (and fried) Tasmanian fish before heading to Salamanca markets to find some ice cream and gelato to wash it all down!!

Each group had a chance in the afternoon to visit the Mawson’s Hut Replica Museum, where we learnt about the man behind the discovery of how south-north magnetism worked.

The Singers had a chance to write a message on a type writer, follow Mawson’s adventure in the Antarctic continent and dress up like explorers. Heading back to the Town Hall, we had a tasty dinner of pizza, enjoying slices of cheesy goodness before our final evening concert for the tour. What a pleasure it was to be guests for St Michael’s Collegiate and Hutchins School combined concert, especially in such a lavish venue!

The Hall’s decorated sconces (candle holders on walls), glass chandeliers and beautifully patterned walls were charming scenery to perform around! Julie Christiansen’s conducting led the students through five pieces, all with the inimitable Claire Preston accompanying. Sarah Hill’s sublime oboe playing perfectly suited the resonant hall and blended with the children’s voices.

I once again had the pleasure of joining the Singers’ as a soloist in their final Irish folk song piece. Enthusiastic applause at the conclusion of our set helped us all feel a sense of accomplishment and pride in all the work that had been put in for the Singers to perform to such a high standard.

Finally returning to our cabins and huts, we were all given a well-deserved ice cream for supper, and then headed to bed to make sure energy levels were replenished for tomorrow’s adventure to Port Arthur.

Such a big day of music for us all – the Singers continue to grow as musicians and young people!

More soon…

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