Birralee Singers – Latest news from Tasmania!

Content contributed by Joshua Clifford 

25 September – Day Three

Today has been such a huge success for the Singers in Tasmania! Singing and exploring Hobart have been highlights; even the colder weather couldn’t stop us from having a sublime day.

Breakfast in the cabins and dining hall for those in huts comprised of yoghurt, toast and boiled eggs – yum! Our morning warm-up was led by some confident older students before rehearsing repertoire for the day.


We transferred by coach to the Friends School in Hobart, combining with their choristers to rehearse and workshop two great pieces; “Joshua Fought The Battle Of Jericho” and “The Wanderer”. They made such fantastic sounds in the rehearsal space!

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We were treated to a sausage sizzle for lunch from the accommodating staff at Friends School before an afternoon concert in their fabulous Performing Arts auditorium. The Singers’ set was, of course, gorgeous, and we were wonderfully supported by some ‘shadowing’ parents in the audience.

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Our massed works went wonderfully too, all led by the masterful Julie Christiansen (Mrs C) with Claire Preston’s brilliant accompanying skills too! Honourable mentions must be given to Sarah Hill who once again played oboe fantastically for “Poor Wayfaring Stranger”, and Singers such as Ruth and Tamaki for playing violin and guitar throughout the concert. I also had the chance to perform with the choirs, singing along in “Rocky Road to Dublin”, which was great fun.

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Farewelling our new friends at the Friends School, the Singers began the trek down to Salamanca markets to have a treat of ice cream and peruse the trinkets on offer. A beautiful rainbow appeared which was a highlight of this afternoon excursion.

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Whilst the kids were enjoying some free shopping time, Mrs C, Ruth and myself headed back to camp and began work on the evenings feast – spaghetti bolognese! This went down super well the kids, catering to dietary requirements with a vegetarian bolognese and gluten free pasta. For an extra special treat, Mrs C made a scrumptious slice with caramel sauce for dessert which was served with ice cream.

Games led by Sonya finished off the night, where the tourers had to provide an interesting fact to the adult leader (we all learnt something about each other!).

Such a busy, fun and productive day! The Singers have been consistently proving their maturity and keeping their spirits high in the cold weather!

More soon… 

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