The Birralee Singers – Up and away to Tasmania!

Content contributed by Joshua Clifford

Day One & Two – Wow! What a thrilling start to the Birralee Singers’ 2017 Tasmania Tour.

The Birralee Singers leave Brisbane excited for their trip! (pic by Lou Wall)

Arriving at Brisbane Domestic Airport, the excitement in the touring group was electric! When we got to Melbourne, however, we found out our connecting flight had been delayed! Finally, we arrived to a chilly, drizzly Hobart at 5:15pm, only a little bit later than anticipated.

We drove to Kingston McDonalds for a quick post-flight dinner (where happy meals were the trend!) before heading to our bush cabins and huts. During the drive the rain had become a little harder so our unload from the coach and luggage collection was a little hectic (and muddy). Nevertheless, we all found our way to our rooms, enticed by our bunks and beds in our much warmer cabins. All snuggled up in our sleeping bags, escaping the cold, we all went into a much-needed slumber, keenly anticipating tomorrow’s ANCA activities and performance!

As Day Two dawned, the Group Leaders convened in the communal kitchen and dining hall to get to work on the very first Tour breakfast of toast, fruit and porridge.

After filling up and making their own healthy wraps and sandwiches for lunch, the Singers rehearsed their four songs for the afternoon’s ANCA Choral Festival performance as the Guest Choir.



It was great to see everyone so full of energy, doing well in all the choreography and singing with gusto.

Back in Hobart, at Linmor Hall, the Singers went into some massed rehearsals with Tasmanian-based ensembles including the Tasmanian Song Company, Cygent Singers and Choir of High Hopes, focusing on various choral skills and techniques.

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As performance time grew closer, we all were excited to see each choir perform their own repertoire, and boy were there some stunning arrangements and diverse choices from Adele to Billy Joel and Coldplay.

The Singers heartily applauded each choir, and when it was their turn they too were greeted enthusiastically by the audience! Of course they sang beautifully under the direction of Julie Christiansen (Mrs C), accompanied by Claire Preston (Miss Claire) and with the talented Sarah Hill playing oboe during ‘Wayfaring Stranger’.

As the last note of the Massed piece soared in Linmor Hall, the audience erupted into rapturous celebration of the brilliant sound the choristers produced as an ensemble. Congrats to all!

After a delicious dinner provided by Mt Saint Michael’s Collegiate, we headed back to camp to play some fun games, staying warm in the encroaching cold.

The Birralee Singers wish Charlie a Happy Birthday! (pic by Lou Wall)

We all departed for bed after wishing a happy birthday to tourer Charlie Stewart!

We can’t wait for another busy day of singing!

More soon!

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