Post 4: Performing at the British Embassy with a touch of sightseeing

What a stunning venue for our choristers to perform in on Tuesday afternoon – The British Embassy in Paris. This place was perfect for choir pics!


At the British Embassy (submitted by Jack)
At the British Embassy (submitted by Jack)

Chorister Caitlin Freeman noted that the performance here was lots of fun and had a relaxed feel to it!

“The building was so beautiful and the acoustics made us feel like we were singing in some kind of cathedral. We performed mainly our slower pieces like In Flanders Fields, Danny Boy and Requiem For A Soldier and we finished with our more lighthearted songs: La Vie En Rose and Sing Sing Sing.

“Although the audience was mainly made up of the accompanying parents, those who were from the embassy were very appreciative of us coming and they enjoyed it so much they even called us back for one final song.

“I felt this concert was a little more relaxed compared to the performance at the Arc de Triomphe as during that performance, I was really emotionally moved with the visual representations of our thanks to those who fought.”

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(Image by Avril)
(Image by Avril)

Some of the choristers yesterday also took part in a trip to the Catacombs of Paris to explore the incredible underground tunnelling quarries, where Parisians were laid to rest from the late 18th and mid-19th centuries.

Other choristers climbed to the top of the Eiffel Tower to see the iconic landmark’s spectacular light show.

After an action packed night, the choristers, were able to have some quiet / sleep time on the bus this morning heading to Amiens, about two hours north of Paris.

Tonight (Wednesday), they will present their first community concert in the very special town of Allonville.

Our July 2016 Western Front Centenary Choir performed in this town last year, which included the first commemoration service for the Anzacs. This town and its history inspired chorister Joshua Clifford to write two poems which will be transformed into musical compositions this year (read more here).

We can’t wait to see what our 2017 Anzac Day Commemoration Choir discovers about Allonville.

More soon.

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