Preserving the Anzac Legacy through music! We invite you to get involved!

Music connects with people on many levels and that’s why we’ve chosen to launch a commissioning project to create some incredible choral music to preserve the Anzac legacy.

We have launched a campaign via crowdfunding platform, Pozible to commission two pieces which will be performed at the 2017 Voices from the Trenches Festival, uniting the Brisbane, Toowoomba and greater communities in commemorating our Anzacs, particularly those who fought on the Western Front, France in WW1.

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We have selected two beautiful poems written by chorister Joshua Clifford. Joshua was part of July’s Western Front Centenary Choir and performed at the 100th anniversaries of the Battles of Fromelles and Pozieres and at an Anzac commemorative service in Allonville.

Imagine Joshua’s stunning poetry incorporated into new compositions for choirs across the world to sing! Here are some snippets from his two pieces:

The Fields of Allonville

“….Here, in Allonville’s fragrant fields,
dotted with blood-red poppies blooming,
there are no guns, there are no shells,
no time for fighting, no time for brooding.

Silent are the screams of pain;
we’re far from the fight in the Somme.
A tree-bordered road leads the way
to a day where plays a new song.

Climb up the tress that border that road,
and reach up high to the sun,
soon you’ll be facing the battle, young digger,
and may not return when it’s done.” 

And Now, The War Is Ended

“…Though the horrors of war went on,
those boys, they didn’t letup.
They travelled across warzones far and wide,
performing for crowds on the brink of giving hope up;
they made it feel like the war had already ended.

Applauded for rare talents and individuality,
They were clever, well-balanced, but meant a great deal more:
that true-blue quality of not giving up
and staying true to your mates, that’s what the ‘Smart Set’ was for…
And Now, The War Is Ended.” 


The Voices from the Trenches Choral Festival, will involve a number of school and community choirs, while drawing upon stories from the local communities about the local Anzacs who served. It will be an incredibly emotive event, with the commissioned pieces a highlight.

For more information about the festival, email and to make a pledge or tax deductible donation to the WW1 Commissioning project, click here

(Voices from the Trenches is proudly supported by the Queensland Government)


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