Day 8: Exploring the Somme, and a warm VB welcome!

On this tour, we are getting very good at packing as much into our days as possible!

Having arrived in Amiens yesterday, we took the morning to explore this picturesque town, with such evidence of its ongoing appreciation for Australia’s efforts 100 years’ ago!

Matthew and Fiona visited the Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Amiens, also known as Notre Dame Amiens. It is such a massive and stunning cathedral, and possibly grander than its Paris counterpart!

The pair visited one of the little chapels in the cathedral, which displays all the flags of the allies. The original Australian flag that was given to the city in 1918, hangs high, with the words:

“The Australian flag is a gift to the city of Amiens from the Government of Australia and commemorates the brotherhood in arms of the sons of Australia with those of France in the defence of the city in the year 1918.” 

The choristers in the afternoon had their rehearsal at the First Australian Division Memorial, Pozieres in preparation for the service on Saturday. The weather has cooled down a bit, which is great!

This site acknowledges the toll on the soldiers in the Battle of Pozieres, from 23 July – 7 August, 1916.

The 1st Australian Division were first on the line, and captured the town of Pozieres from the Germans on 23 July 1916. When relieved on 27 July, by the 2nd Division, they had suffered 5,285 casualties. The 2nd Division gained more German positions, with the 4th next to the line. Despite all divisions suffering an incredible number of casualties, the Germans were defeated in their final attempt to take the village, on 7 August (read more here).


After a great rehearsal, we were dismissed early so took it as a chance to visit Thiepval Memorial, which honours the missing of the Somme, including the 72,000 officers and troops of the United Kingdom and South African forces killed before 20 March 1918.

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The site also serves as an Anglo-French Battle Memorial honouring the joint nature of the 1916 offensive. At the base of the memorial is a small cemetery with equal numbers of Commonwealth and French graves. (More here)

It was such a chilling place, bringing home how this war didn’t just have a massive impact on Australia, but a great deal of the Commonwealth, including the UK and South Africa.

The choristers were incredibly moved by this site, and sang an emotionally charged In Flanders Fields.

Also visiting the the museum, the choristers sang, Notre Père (The Lord’s Prayer) as a tribute to the missing of the Somme.

A lady who had guided one of our April tour groups through the Somme 1916 Museum in Albert,  happened to be at this memorial.

She told us that she didn’t recognise our shirts or our names, but she recognised our sound! What a beautiful coincidence, and interesting compliment, considering it’s the first centenary tour for the majority of our choristers!

In the evening we visited the beautiful village of Villers-Bretonneux to perform a concert to the community who were a modest, but enthusiastic crowd. This was our third occasion performing in this village, and just like in April 2015 and 2016, we were welcomed so warmly!

The French songs were a big hit again, and a number of audience members were invited to sing with our choristers!

A huge thank you to Villers-Bretonneux for their kind hospitality which included a delicious dinner for us all to enjoy!

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Upon heading back to Amiens, some decided to enjoy a drink by the canal before visiting the cathedral for the son et lumière (light show)  and thank goodness we did – it was glorious!

The display showed how the cathedral was originally painted, and how it has changed over the years.

We couldn’t understand the narrative as it was in French, but it didn’t matter – it was captivating.

We encouraged everyone to then have a reasonably early night as Day 9 will include more rehearsals in Pozieres, with our final town concert in Allonville.

We can’t wait to let you know how we get on!


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One thought on “Day 8: Exploring the Somme, and a warm VB welcome!

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  1. This is a wonderful website which is most professionally posted with interesting, touching and graphic descriptions of your activities. Particular emphasis is given to pictures and to the interactions of the group with the people of France. The somewhat impromptu singing has been extraordinary to watch and listen to.
    We watched, and also recorded, all of the services on Tuesday night – Wednesday morning and will again watch the broadcast from Pozieres. We have also downloaded them from iview which are better, since they do not contain some of the breaks which occurred at times in the direct broadcast to Australia.
    Well done, all of you. Australia is proud to have such wonderful ambassadors demonstrating our friendship with all the people of France. God bless you all. We also look forward to your return to us here at home. Travel safely. John Nicol


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