Venturing into new territory, with Birralee Recycled

With so much enthusiasm from the non-choristers in our Voices of Birralee community, it was only a matter of time before a few whispers of creating an older-give-it-a-go community choir, became a reality.

From August, 2016, Voices of Birralee is venturing into new territory. The youth choral organisation which for 20 years has provided opportunities for those aged from five to 30, will launch its new ensemble, letting those who are ‘a little older’ with or without public singing experience have a go at doing something wonderful – singing in a choir.

The new ensemble is Birralee Recycled – targeted to those in the Birralee and wider community. Prospective choristers might be Birralee alumni, parents of past or current singers, a distant relative or have no previous connection to Birralee whatsoever!

Perhaps you’ve heard the Birralee Blokes in action and have thought – I can do that! 

For Peter Ingram, Birralee Recycled’s conductor, he believes the new ensemble’s main purpose is for its participants to ‘have fun’.

“It’s a chance to work with people who are keen to sing, whether they are experienced musicians or not. We also have a sneaky motive – to show those ‘young-uns’ that those of us who are slightly older, can do a fabulous job too! 

“We have all gone to the concerts to hear our children (or the younger generation) sing, but here is the opportunity to do it ourselves. Who knows – it might even be a chance to connect with our kids in a new way, to show them that singing is for ALL ages.

“If you’ve sung in a choir before, it is a chance to rediscover the joy that is singing together. If you’ve never sung before, it is a chance to see what everyone talks about!”

(It’s occasions such as this one, featuring the Birralee Singers that might make you feel the need to create music with like-minded people!) 

People are signing up to sing with Birralee Recycled for all types of reasons. One chorister, Lyndal Turner, who is the aunt of a Birralee member, has sung in the Grammar Community Choir, and used to sing in her school choir.

“I love the sound of a Soprano Alto Tenor Bass massed choir. I enjoy singing happy, fun music and also beautifully crafted choral music. In a large group you can really let it rip without feeling too exposed!”

Kathleen Finlayson, who is the mother of a current chorister, has watched from the sidelines for 20 years. She had strong encouragement from her daughter to join.

“I love music, although I’m not much of a singer, however, my daughter encouraged (almost bullied) me to join,” she said. 

“I don’t usually sing, but I love music, and enjoy the ‘large’ sound a group of voices or instruments can provide.” 

Peter, who will conduct the choir, accompanied by Brendan Murtagh, said he looked forward to attracting all sorts of people, of various skill level, to Birralee Recycled.

“I’m looking forward to getting a mix of people together. People who have never sung before but are keen to give it a go should feel encouraged – they  are guaranteed to have a blast!

“It would be great to also have people who know a bit about music but aren’t so experienced as singers – they will fit in perfectly, while it might be helpful to have some experienced singers too. I’m hoping to do something to give them a bit of a challenge and so we might need you!”

(If you’ve witnessed Resonance of Birralee create beautiful moments like this one, you might feel encouraged to be a part of creating stunning music with Birralee Recycled.) 

Registration to sing with Birralee Recycled closes Monday 11 July 2016, with the first rehearsal on Monday 1 August.

Here are the details! 

Commitment: 6 x Mondays 7-9pm with rehearsals from 1 August continuing 8, 15, 22, 29 August & 5 September.
Performance: Afternoon Concert on Sunday 11 September at All Hallows’
Cost: $85 includes rehearsals & sheet music

Queries – check out these FAQs – and if you have any more questions, please email

Register here.

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